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The education of the spider is a lesson to the moth!

Have you ever watched a spider sitting on its web? Isn’t nature simply awesome?

The spider knows that in order to catch dinner, she will have to cast a wide net. And the wider the net, the bigger the chances of catching something. A spider’s web is quite an interesting object. And have you wondered why the spider never gets stuck in its own web?

Being the CEO of a business is pretty much the same as a spider web. You sit in the middle of the web, spun across SA using various marketing channels. You want to attract new customers. But just like a spider, every time a moth flies into the web, it leaves a hole that needs repair.

But the lesson we learn from the spider is that every time the moth flies into the web, it knows that it will have to go out on the outer rim of the web to fetch it. It does not just sit there and wait for the moth to come.

That is why you need to partner with us. We will build a web so wide that the moth won’t have any other option put to fly straight into it.

The moral of the story?

Brand building is not the same as marketing and sales.

Brand building is the actual spider web, whereas marketing is the spider leaving the middle of the web to go “out” and catch the moth. And finally a sale is when the moth is securely caught up in the strands of the web. You cannot get a sale without marketing, and marketing won’t help if you don’t have a reputable brand.

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