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Our Services

We offer you everything you need to build a world renowned Brand name for your business.

Our Core Focus is to make it easier for potential clients to receive your marketing efforts. We know from experience that an unknown name is very difficult to sell.

Just ask those who really know.

Click here to send a personal message to Bill Gates and ask him how we helped Microsoft to get where they are today, or

Click here to send a personal message to Gert van der Merwe, the owner of Gert’s  Garage in Garsfontein how we helped to repair the damage to his business as a result of a facebook attack.

Did you just tried to send Bill a message? But why not Gert?

Gert who? Exactly!

Now you don’t want people to ask WHO? when your sales consultant walks in the door, right? If they get that far.

Businessworks focuses on the following three Core Objectives to you:

  1. Business Identity Management – It really is an image thing.
  2. Public Perception of your Brand name.
  3. Brand Extension.

Our Core services is therefore aligned to achieve the core objectives and that includes:

  1. Determining your current status and discussing your exact needs,
  2. We then perform a deep dive into the internet to determine your brand’s position. A deep dive is not merely a Google search, but an extensive search into your company’s footprint on the internet. Read more about this here.
  3. Once we agree on the process going forward, we start building your brand as follows:
    • We build a association around your brand name.
    • We connect your brand name to social issues.
    • We drive your brand name into the minds of potential clients.
    • We build your reputation as the Preferred problem solver, and lastly,
    • We improve on the above to create brand value.

The manner in which we achieve our core objectives are exclusive to Businessworks. You will not find more information here, so rather get in touch with us for a confidential discussion. If we publish it here, your competitor can see it too. And that is not what you may want.

Here is a thought:

Facebook bought whatsapp for US$19 billion in 2014. Would it not have been cheaper to create a brand new app? Afterall, they already had the IT skills to do so. Here’s why.

At this point, you may not even be thinking of selling your business, but there are only two reasons you would ever do so. You received an offer beyond expectations or you’re not making it and need to get some cash quickly. (Or the court ordered you to sell your assets to pay debts.)

Our non-core service areas are typically Brand management 101, and that includes:

  • Logo design and company website,
  • Social media page management,
  • Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS and IM Marketing

The non-core objectives are the things we accept you already have in place, but if not, we won’t let you down. We have partner companies that assist with those aspects.

 Value added Services

Our job as brand managers will not be complete if we don’t take care of the people behind the brand name. We are continually growing our network of professional business advisors to be on the ready if you need assistance in the operational aspects of your business.

Tap into the Businessworks Professional Service Network for a wealth of experience from the largest group of professionals to assist in all your needs.

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