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Research & Discovery

Once we know what you want from your Brand name and what our destination is, we can start finding our current location on the path. How much do the market know about you already? What are they saying? And what are they NOT saying about you?

The silent killers are out there. Sometimes the brand owners don’t even know about it or just don’t care. Here is an example.

Our role is to look deep into the heart of the internet to find out what goes on in the minds and hearts of people who is most likely your target market. From this we can develop an approach to make your brand stand for something more than “just another profitable sale”.

And the approach we take is to tip the scales in your favor if it is not. It is a multiple choice answer.

“Hey I know that guy!”

Oh yeah! From where?

Jail / Church / Television / He saved Eskom.

Ah right! / Oh really, can you introduce me? / I need his number!!

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