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The education of the spider is a lesson to the moth!

Have you ever watched a spider sitting on its web? Isn’t nature simply awesome? The spider knows that in order to catch dinner, she will have to cast a wide net. And the wider the net, the bigger the chances of catching something. A spider’s web is quite an interesting object. And have you wondered…
Today's Brand Protection Tip Do not use a website's contact form to punt for business. I recently received a message from my website's Contact Us page from a person selling "Lead generation software". The headline read:" Do you have a website?" How do you respond to this? The thing is you don't. But you will never forget how dumb this person really is. And Pop goes the Brand!!
BERIG SENTRUM - Toetsboodskap
Own a website? ACT NOW!

The COVID-19 crisis is changing the way we think about life and how we live it. It has caused us to redesign our daily schedules and to adapt to an ever changing legal framework as more and more regulations and directives are published to counter the spread of the SARS-COV2 virus causing the COVD-19 epidemic.…